Studying a motorcycle for art – down to the finest detail

Studying a motorcycle for art – down to the finest detail

Hines Creek Composite (HCC) students studied a Harley Davidson in October – for art class!  Loaned to the school by Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) Fairview Campus, the impressive motorcycle was the “still life” subject for grades one to twelve students’ art classes. 

For the second year, instructor Paula Fiorini worked with students to develop different artistic styles using various mediums, including pencil, conté and chalk. They created artwork focused on light and shadow, textures and storytelling.  They were especially challenged by the chrome finish of the Harley. It is amazing to see the results of their efforts – the bike definitely inspired these talented students!

“To bring in something as cool as this machine was a great experience for me as a teacher of art. It certainly beat a bowl of fruit as a still life subject,” says Paula. “The experience elevated the art program. Everyone in Hines Creek who saw the bike was impressed not only by the machine but with the work produced and the very fact it was loaned to us by GPRC.”



Christopher Laue, Dean of Trades, Agriculture and Environment at GPRC Fairview is “thrilled to have this project at GPRC. It allows students to see opportunities in post-secondary education. The mission of GPRC is creating connections to knowledge, experience and community one life at a time.  This partnership does just that.”


The beautiful artwork is on display at the GPRC Fairview Campus in the Trev Deely Building; the display opened December 1 and is open to the public to view between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday until December 19, 2014.

Peace River School Division thanks the GPRC Fairview Campus for loaning the Harley Davidson and displaying their artwork.  What a great way to help inspire students!

-Theresa Maggs